What can I expect from an osteopathic consultation?

Your osteopath will take time to discuss your health issue. A medical history will be taken to explore this specific issue as well as broader aspects of your health. The osteopath will use this information to plan examination and treatment for your injury or health issue. It can be really helpful for the osteopath to review any current medical information relevant to your injury. This might include medical reports or imaging such as x-rays, or MRIs.

Osteopathic physical examination focuses on movement assessment, postural evaluation, and passive assessments of your muscles, joints, nerves, and all the tissue in between.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy. Osteopaths use their hands to move and stretch the body in ways that improve the mobility and health of the underlying tissues. These osteopathic techniques can use strong movements like stretching through to very gentle movement that support the body to release patterns of tension through skilled positioning and support.

Your osteopath is likely to have a number of recommendations, tips, or tricks that they advise as part of your ongoing wellness plan. This could include modifications to the way you perform certain tasks, stretching or strengthening exercises, access to information or resources, or a referral to another health professionals.

Throughout your consultation your osteopath will explain their ideas for your care. Where possible, you will be given options so that you can help decide how the consultation proceeds. If at any point you need more information, please feel free to ask.

Initial Consultations are 60 minutes and Follow-Up Consultations are 40 minutes long.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Thick or restrictive clothing like jeans, jackets, or belts will compromise the accuracy of physical examination and the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment. Consider bringing a change of clothing with you if you are coming straight from work or school.

What to bring

It can be really helpful to review any medical information relevant to your injury or condition. This might include medical reports or imaging that has been done such as x-rays, or MRIs. You can email electronic copies to me at virginia@intouchosteopathy.co.nz or bring a hard copy with you to your appointment.