How can Osteopathy help children?

As children grow their musculoskeletal systems are in a state of constant change. It is true that young bodies are very elastic and can withstand the frequent knocks and falls of childhood. However, it is important to consider the effect that injury can have on a dynamic growing system. Osteopaths pay close attention to developmental progress and the way that a child is learning to move. Sometimes a small timely change to a child’s mobility can affect the way that they are able to learn new motor skills.

It is also important to note that babies can also show signs of strain or tension within their bodies. Osteopaths often relate this to strains from the birth process, or from the later stages of prenatal life where the baby grows rapidly in an increasingly confined space. Awkward positions in-utero are thought to be associated with unusual pattern of tension and/or movement in babies.

Osteopathic treatment for children is very gentle. It will only be carried out with consent from a parent/guardian and age appropriate cooperation from the child. For this reason, please ensure that your child attends their appointment with a parent/guardian. This includes teenagers.