How can Osteopathy help during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a woman’s body accommodates a huge amount of change. Optimising posture and movement can reduce the strain on the musculoskeletal structures that accommodate the changing weight and space available for movement.

During pregnancy the structural tissues of your body are used in ways that are different from normal day-to-day activity. Pre-existing areas of tension may become more apparent when your body is moved in this unfamiliar way. Overloaded joints, muscles or fascial tissues can become painful. Similarly, aches and pains from a previous pregnancy may show up again as your body is once again placed under this same set of demands. Common pregnancy complaints include back pain, hip pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and rib pain.

By helping your muscles, joints and everything in between to move well, osteopathic treatment can help you enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy. This sets you up well for birth and motherhood which both require your body to adapt and move in new ways.