How can Osteopathy help with pregnancy and postpartum care?

During pregnancy the body accommodates a huge amount of change. Optimising posture and movement can reduce the strain on the musculoskeletal structures that accommodate the changing weight and space available for movement.

As your body changes during pregnancy, pre-existing areas of tension may become more apparent when your body is moved in this unfamiliar way. Overloaded joints, muscles or fascial tissues can become painful. Similarly, aches and pains from a previous pregnancy may show up again as your body is once again placed under this same set of demands. Common pregnancy complaints include carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, hip pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, rib pain and heart burn.

In the postpartum period, your body is recovering from birth but also quickly adapting to the movement required to care for a new-born. The pelvis is still quite mobile during this time, so gentle balanced movement can assist with postpartum healing. Postpartum recovery can be complicated by birth injuries, unresolved biomechanical strains from pregnancy, and stress associated with new parenting challenges. Osteopathic care can gently support you through these big physical transitions.

Better movement can affect your comfort during pregnancy, your birth, and your postpartum recovery

Osteopaths use a hands-on approach to improve the mobility of joints, muscles and fascial tissues throughout the body. Supporting your body to remain comfortable and active through pregnancy, sets you up well for the movement required during your birth, postpartum period, and the physical demands of parenting.

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Osteopaths enjoy working collaboratively with the other health professionals already involved in your perinatal care. Where necessary they will also assist you to access other health services to support you pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

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