How can Osteopathy help with headaches?

It may not be an obvious link to associate your headache with your movement. But this is an important angle to assess when getting to the bottom of a headache pattern.

Headaches involve complex patterns of pain sensitisation in the nervous system. Irritation in the structures of the upper neck and jaw are common contributors to this pain sensitisation.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at reducing strain and improving mobility in the neck and jaw. When these muscles and joints move efficiently, they hurt less, reducing sensitisation of the pain systems in the head and neck.


Better movement

through the neck and jaw can affect

many types of headache

Osteopaths are trained to discriminate between a large array of headache patterns. Different types of headaches have different triggers and management strategies. Your osteopath can help you understand your headache pattern so that you can manage it better.

Osteopaths are clear about their scope of practice. You will be referred to your doctor if your headache has features that require medical management.